One of those little stupid things that annoys the shit out of me

My mom bought window crayons in 2011, 3 years ago, and used them when she bought them and not once after that. I brought them to the daycare center I volunteer at every summer since the summer before my freshman year. I had told my mom this and that I was using them to draw a mural on my classrooms window for the kids and she said it was fine. well now 3 months later she asked if I brought them back and I told her that I think I may have forgotten them there. And then I proceed to be bitched at for leaving the goddamn window crayons she used ONCE and then didn’t touch them for 3 YEARS at a daycare she or I could walk to in a matter of 5 minutes and get them. Like I feel bad that I left them and I get that shed be upset but like holy shit calm down and go buy another pack.